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From Jacob Kjome <h...@visi.com>
Subject Re: log4j with with multiple web apps? URGENT!
Date Sun, 26 Sep 2004 17:12:09 GMT
Where do you have log4j.jar?  Is it in each application's WEB-INF/lib 
directory or some shared directory?  The quick fix (assuming Resin enforces 
servlet spec recommended classloading behavior) is to do the former.  The 
more involved fix is to use a logger repository selector.  One exists for 
Log4j-1.2.x in the log4j-sandbox project.  It is based on JNDI.  See here...

If you decide to use the logger repository selector approach, make sure to 
check out the LOG4J_SANDBOX_ALPHA3 tag because the ContextJNDISelector, 
which is the repository selector you would use, doesn't exist in the 
HEAD.  It was removed because Log4j-1.3 CVS now contains that code, only 
modified significantly to work with Log4j-1.3's new API and features.  Read 
the Javadoc of the InitContextListener and the ContextJNDISelector to 
understand how to use this stuff.  Short term, I really recommend putting 
log4j.jar in WEB-INF/lib because that is going to be much more simple to 
get up and running quickly.


At 07:31 PM 9/25/2004 -0700, you wrote:

>Hi everyone!
>I am running resin-3.0.7 and I am using latest log4j version. Everything 
>was fine running log4j when I had only 1 application on my server - 
>siblumber.com. Log4j was setup up like this - /WEB-INF/log4j.xml which 
>uses ${user.dir}/WEB-INF/logs/logname.txt in all its appenders.
>Everthing was fine up until I deployed a new application - 
>royaleskincare.com. It uses the EXACT same approach as siblumber.com, and 
>here's what happens:
>1. Server is started up
>2. application royaleskicare.com is started up
>3. its event listener configures log4j using DOMConfigurator
>4. it writes a single line into royaleskincare.com/.../trace.txt
>(everything's fine so far)
>5. application siblumber.com is started up
>6. its event listener configures log4j using DOMConfigurator
>7. it writes a single line into siblumber.com/.../trace.txt
>After the server is finished starting up, I check all my loggers, and it 
>turns out that BOTH royaleskincare.com AND siblumber.com loggers point to 
>It seems that when the second application starts up, it re-configures 
>log4j for the first application. But how is it possible? Aren't web apps 
>ran in separate JVMs? Even if I check System.getProperty("user.dir"), they 
>point to their approporiate directories.
>So does log4j uses some kind of JVM-independent external configuration 
>file that causes it to mess up my first application?
>Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!
>Best Regards,
>Ivan V. Jouikov
>(206) 228-6670
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