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From "Sandeep Khanna" <sandeep.kha...@villanova.edu>
Subject Timeframe view over logs from multiple tabs?
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2004 12:46:54 GMT
Hi Everyone,

I was evaluating Log4J Chainsaw for my company and thought the following
feature would be very usefull:

At any given time, one can view multiple logs either from different
instances of same application or different instances of different
applications. Considering the first case... We have our application
installed on multiple machines and would like to monitor all such
installed instances on a common computer. What would be really usefull
is to be able to do a search/highlight across the open tabs for logs in
a particular timeframe.

For example we are monitoring machine A, B & C. At some point in time,
any of the 3 machines would behave differently. This across-tabs
timeframe search would help point out what each machine was doing
differently in a given timeframe.

Also, Is there any way to be able to assimilate logs from multiple
computers/tabs into one log file and export it from Chainsaw. The
exported logs should clearly indicate which section belongs to which
remote machine.

Sandeep Khanna

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