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From Andreas Knecht <andre...@objectconsulting.com.au>
Subject RollingFileAppender when running out of disk-space
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2005 06:47:52 GMT
Hello everyone,

we have recently encountered a problem with log4j, when we run out of 
disk-space on one of our production servers.  It causes slowdowns in the 
particular web application that we do the logging for.  We have actually 
observed this happen live, and are quite sure that it is caused by log4j.

Now the simple solution would obviously be to clean out old log files 
regularly, or setup a script to do this, to prevent the server from 
running out of disk space.  Unfortunately we do not have access rights 
to these production boxes to do this, and there's a very large number of 
web applications deployed.  The system administrators we go through 
don't have time to setup scripts for cleaning out old log files, or to 
clean out old log files manually.

Currently I've been looking at several options to work around this:
1.) We could implement an AsyncAppender.  However I don't believe that 
this will solve the slowdown issues, since the log4j documentation 
mentions that if the buffer fills up, the append() method will block.  
I'm guessing that this will happen if we run out of DiskSpace, and the 
attached FileAppender will get into problems.  I've however not tried 
this in practice.
2.) Use a SocketAppender to log all the output to:
    a.) a different server.
    b.) locally, which should still have the effect of doing the logging 
    The log4j documentation is somewhat ambiguous when it comes to 
describing the blocking behaviour of the SocketAppender.  According to 
the documentation, 'if the remote server is down or unreachable, the     
logging events will simply be dropped.' Further down however it 
mentions: 'where the network link to the server is down, the client will 
eventually be blocked.'

What we need is a solution that once we run out of disk-space on the 
server, will simply drop all logging statements until more disk-space is 
added without causing any slowdown in the application.  Alternatively, 
we could consider setting up a server simply for logging purposes, 
however we do not want our web-app to slow down, if we can't reach this 
logging server for any reason either.

Does anyone have suggestions as to how this can be achieved? 


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