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From Konrad Billewicz <caro...@carolus.pl>
Subject Re: Must use relative path for log file
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2005 17:55:06 GMT
> Unless I am missing something obvious, the above error message line
> clearly indicates that REL_PATH was set to null or maybe the empty
> string.

That is true, but I checked in the debuger that it is not null or "". It is set 
to a very nice path "C:\\workspace\\msz\\web\\" returned by getRealPath(). 
Moreover it is very nice visible inside collection props under key "REL_PATH" 
and value "C:\\workspace\\msz\\web\\". I really don't know why it isn't working.

> Interesting. The fact that REL_PATH is set in the props object does
> not mean that the corresponding value is not null.

Hmm. It is set and in the debuger I see it's not null... So probably it's not 
null . ;-)
> Quoting Jacob's message dated 2005-08-24 (on this thread):
> Just as long as you realize that context.getRealPath() may return null
> [...]
> So, are you deploying your application as a .war file?

No. I don't.

Have you got any other ideas? Tomorow I had to finish the project. Maybe I have 
made some stiupid mistake? I have no idea...

Best regards,
Konrad Billewicz

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