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From "William Ferguson" <william.fergu...@hubbub.com.au>
Subject RE: FileWatchDog
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 01:46:20 GMT
From: mwomack@google.com Womack
> But what happens when the filewatchdog detects a
> subsequent change in the configuration file? Is the file wiped again?

Yes, that's what would happen.
But in practice the log config is rarely changed and I think that would
be an acceptable outcome.

> Would it be better to enable the "append" settings on the

Perhaps. I wasn't aware of this option (and can't find any doco on it
now either). Is the log just continually appended to, even when the
config has been modified? This would be OK, except perhaps on
application restart where you'd generally want a fresh log (we would

> There are little issues like this that need to be looked at for the
> watchdogs. In some cases, you might want the watchdog to do the
> configuration.

I'm not so sure about letting the WatchDog do the initial config. That
really introduces a race condition into the log behaviour. 


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