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From "Dirk Ulrich" <Dirk.Ulr...@gmx.de>
Subject Defining the path for my logfiles
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 09:05:37 GMT

The sources of my current development dir is D:\projects\SPI\java\src and I
am using log4j to log the app's messages. In the log4.properites file I have
defined several Appenders and I wonder why the following happens:

log4j.appender.SPEventAppender.file=\logs\SPEventLogfile.log  --> results in
storing the logfiles in D:\projects\SPI\java\src\SPEventLogfile.log

log4j.appender.SPAppender.file=/logs/SPLogfile.log --> results in storing
the logifles in D:\logs\SPLogfile.log

log4j.appender.DMAspectAppender.file=\logs\DMAspectLogfile.log --> results
in storing the logfiles in D:\projects\SPI\java\src\DMAspectLogfile.log

log4j.appender.DMAppender.file=logs\DMLogfile.log --> results in storing the
logfiles in D:\projects\SPI\java\src\DMLogfile.log

Is it possible to provide a path for my RollingfileAppender's logfiles
relative to my application's install dir? For instance related to my app's
directory: D:\projects\SPI\java\src I want to store the logfiles in
D:\projects\SPI\java\src\logs\*.log (or anywhere else) using relative paths
rather than absolute paths.

Thank you,

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