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From Maxence.Ter...@etudiant.univ-lille1.fr
Subject Weblogic - Concurrent access of the same appender by dif. applications
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2006 07:45:32 GMT

I'm currently using Weblogic 8.1.
On this server, I've deployed two EARs, each of them having packages beginning
with prefix empo.*

For instance, in EAR #1, I'll have a class called empo.app1.admin.ParseFile
and in EAR #2, I'll have a class empo.app2.admin.ParseXML

Each EAR has it's own log4j jar file embedded. (I didn't design the way the
applications are organized)

The log4j.properties file is defined at the domain root (so in the BEA server)
and the logs are rather general :
log4j.category.empo=DEBUG, APPLI

log4j.appender.APPLI.layout.ConversionPattern=<%d> <%-5p> <%C:%L> - %m%n

When tested individualy, each application works very fine and is correctly

But when I access to both applications, the file is created with the first
application and when I access to the second one, it overwrites the file (so the
logs of appli1 is lost). The result is impredicatable.

My idea is that the LOG4J class from app1 locks the file, then the LOG4J from
app2 tries to access it.

Anyone has an idea so that the classes in both EARs can share the same log file

Thanks a lot


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