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From "oops shin" <shinoops.m...@gmail.com>
Subject [Q] want to change logging filename as --.log.2006-06-08
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2006 05:36:04 GMT
Hi. All

I'm using log4j.

The dailyRollingFileAppender's logging file is *.log by default.

and the next day change file name with postfix(date) when logging content comes.

The problem is the exact timing.

I have another application that analyse logfile.

at next day I want to see yesterday's log, but don't know whether the
logfile name was changed or not.

( this log has special purpose, so the logging event doesn't come frequently )

As my thought.....

if log appender write log at --.log.2006-06-08 and next day
--.log.2006-06-09, I have no problem.

Is there some solution ?
Plz reply with solution ^^

Thanks in Advance.

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