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From jaikiran pai <jai_forums2...@yahoo.co.in>
Subject Re: log4j extra level problem
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2006 11:10:41 GMT
I had a look at the code of log4j and here's what it does in the log method, which you are
    This generic form is intended to be used by wrappers.
  void log(Priority priority, Object message) {
    if(repository.isDisabled(priority.level)) {
      forcedLog(FQCN, priority, message, null);
  And here's the implementation of priority.isGreaterOrEqual method:
     Returns <code>true</code> if this level has a higher or equal
     level than the level passed as argument, <code>false</code>
     <p>You should think twice before overriding the default
     implementation of <code>isGreaterOrEqual</code> method.
  boolean isGreaterOrEqual(Priority r) {
    return level >= r.level;
  What's the integer value that you have given to your Level, that you created?
  If this method returns false, then your message wont be logged to the file.

Boris Lipsman <b_lipsman@yahoo.com> wrote:

This is what I have done:
Step1: Created MyLevelClass ( extends LEVEL ) with 2 extra levels declared
Step2: Created the wrapper around Logger ( log4j)
Step3: Added to the log4j.xml the following 

Step4: Defined the category that referencing the appender

While, I start JBoss, all looks good, the trace level is beaing created(
I used to get before error messages that 
com.mywebapp.logging.MyExtraLevel is not found. But that was fixed by adding 
jar to the lib directory.

here is the scenario:
MyLogger myLogger = new MyLogger(SomeClass.class);
// MyLogger is a wrapper around Logger ( log4j)

// trace() is actually calling generic log() method of the log4j
Strange thing, when I call the trace() method the message does not go 

Please help


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