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From Daniel Rossi <s...@electroteque.org>
Subject log4j alpha
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2007 04:00:31 GMT
Hi there, ive been developing upon log4j alpha 1.3 for quite a while  
to use some new features. I believe it is now a dead branch. What am  
i suppose to be using, I need the new  
org.apache.log4j.rolling.RollingFileAppender package and the rolling  
policy for a project im working on which requires customised  
subclassed logging features. What can I use now to get the same  
features ?

I believe now in eclipse my xml configs are broken aswell, something  
doesnt like my xml config setup, what exactly is it now ? Here is an  
example of my current one

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

<!DOCTYPE configuration>

<configuration xmlns="http://logging.apache.org/">
	<appender name="TS000011-APP"  
   			<param name="fileNamePattern" value="logs/stats/TS000011/Red5_%d 

         <layout class="org.red5.server.logging.W3CLayout">
             <param name="Fields"
             <param name="Delimiter"

I get errors like

log4j:WARN Element type "configuration" must be declared.

Let me know

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