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From "James A. N. Stauffer" <stauffer.ja...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Log4j deadlock
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2007 15:18:57 GMT
After years of using log4j I also encountered this.  Is it a freak,
rare occurance or is there a cause that can be addressed?

Found one Java-level deadlock:
"ConnectorThread jdbc:weblogic:mssqlserver4:webformslogs@webarc1:1433":
  waiting to lock monitor 0x000e00d8 (object 0xa63067d0, a
  which is held by "main"
  waiting to lock monitor 0x000e0120 (object 0xa6305750, a
  which is held by "ConnectorThread

On 5/25/06, Iyer, Vidya <iyer@amazon.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running an application with several threads, and at the end of the program, each
thread logs an info statement that it is shutting down.  Unfortunately, I periodically see
two threads get deadlocked with the below error.  The docs say that log4j is supposed to be
thread safe, but it looks like there might be a bug in the synchronized code.  Has anyone
experienced this before?
> Found one Java-level deadlock:
> =============================
> "MessageReader-15":
>   waiting to lock monitor 0x0809f394 (object 0x666b4788, a java.io.PrintStream),
>   which is held by "main"
> "main":
>   waiting to lock monitor 0x0809f494 (object 0x65e061a0, a org.apache.log4j.spi.RootLogger),
>   which is held by "MessageReader-15"
> Thanks,
> Vidya

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