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From Ahmad <ahmadkha...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Chainsaw V2 help
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2007 06:38:21 GMT
I have a similar issue. 
If the Socket appender RemoteHost is the local host,
 Chainsaw V2 receives all the messages.
 But if I specify a remote host for the 
Socket appender it does not receives any 
messages even though the chainsaw receives 
the message because it prints the following messages:
201156 [Thread-16] INFO org.apache.log4j.net.SocketNode 
- Caught java.net.SocketException closing connection.
accepted socket
socket not null - creating and starting socketnode
waiting to accept socket
Here is my log4j.xml file:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE log4j:configuration SYSTEM "log4j.dtd">

<appender name="Monitor" class="org.apache.log4j.net.SocketAppender">
<param name="RemoteHost" value="localhost" />
<param name="Port" value="4445" />
<!--layout class="org.apache.log4j.xml.XMLLayout" /-->

      <priority value="DEBUG" />
      <appender-ref ref="Monitor" />

Here is my receivers.properties file for Chainsaw V2.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE log4j:configuration >
<log4j:configuration xmlns:log4j="http://jakarta.apache.org/log4j/" debug="true">
   <appender name="A2" class="org.apache.log4j.ConsoleAppender">
      <layout class="org.apache.log4j.SimpleLayout"/>

<plugin name="SocketReceiver" class="org.apache.log4j.net.SocketReceiver">
      <param name="Port" value="4445"/>
      <param name="Threshold" value="debug"/>
      <level value="debug"/>
Log4j version is 1.2.9.
Please help!!!

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