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From Jacob Kjome <h...@visi.com>
Subject Re: [ANN] logweb-3.0 released
Date Sun, 07 Oct 2007 17:44:34 GMT

It's been very useful to me in over the years.  Glad to see the new version!

One question, though.  Does it support choosing the logger repository 
to configure or does it only support the default logger repository?

In a full-stack server without, this would be very useful.  If LogWeb 
is deployed as a separate application from other individual apps on 
the server necessitating that the Log4j be deployed in the global 
server classpath, in order for LogWeb to be able to utilize the same 
Log4j instance as other apps, how does it deal with the situation 
where a repository selector is being used?

What LogWeb did in the previous version was to simply configure the 
default logger repository.  I'm guessing that hasn't changed (please 
correct me if I'm wrong).  The problem, of course, is that without 
being able to look up a logger repository to configure, a separately 
deployed instance of LogWeb may be totally useless for manipulating 
application logging configuration.  Only apps (or the server itself) 
that utilize the default logger repository are able to be configured.

That said, I think this might require a custom repository selector 
with the capability of allowing external explicit lookup of a 
repository by name.  The default interface doesn't allow this 
external lookup.  Rather, it uses some internal means of lookup, such 
as JNDI or Classloader (the latter being discouraged because of 
classloading issues it can cause).  In the case of JNDI, it would be 
a particular JNDI name lookup where the value would distinguish one 
logger repository from another.  Usually this is configured using an 
application descriptor file, such as web.xml or ejb-jar.xml.  So, 
long story short, the idea would be that LogWeb would define a custom 
repository selector (along with instructions on how to configure it 
for per-application logger repositories) that users would make sure 
to install at server startup (there's a -D variable to do this, which 
I forget ATM) and then provide, in the GUI, a place to enter the name 
of logger repository to configure.



At 06:08 PM 10/6/2007, you wrote:
 >Hi All,
 >The codeczar components team is pleased to announce the long awaited 3.0
 >update to logweb - the popular Log4j administration interface.
 >Besides a fully-featured Log4j configuration interface, logweb-3.0 adds
 >a number of new features over previous versions.
 >* Logger tree-view for easy navigation
 >* upload / download log4j.xml & log4j.properties
 >* save log4j configs to database (share between server instances)
 >* internationalised - en, no, ro, jp, es, fr
 >Visit the project website:
 >For a full list of features:
 >A live demo of logweb-3.0
 >The codeczar components team.
 >Codeczar Components - don't re-write, re-use
 >web      http://www.codeczar.com
 >email    mailto:components@codeczar.com
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For additional commands, e-mail: log4j-user-help@logging.apache.org

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