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From Curt Arnold <carn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Wikipedia entry for log4j has link to log4cxx that says "outdated" (again)
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2007 03:49:13 GMT

On Oct 15, 2007, at 10:14 AM, Wilfong, Paul wrote:

> A while back I noticed that the Wikipedia entry for log4j had links to
> various C/C++ logging facilities, including log4cxx.  At the time they
> all had "(outdated)" next to them.
> log4cxx didn't look outdated to me, so I
> 1.  changed the entry to remove the label,
> 2.  put a question in the wikipedia discussion page if it is outdated,
> and
> 3.  posted a message to this forum asking if it is outdated.
> There was no response from anyone.
> So this morning I happened to look and darned if Mr.
> hasn't put "outdated" back on!  No corresponding reason given, nothing
> on the discussion page.
> So my question is, is log4cxx outdated?  Or is the entry trying to say
> the "official log4cxx page" is outdated?  Neither seems the case to  
> me.
> It would be nice to know so that the correct information could be  
> put in
> the wikipedia page.
> Maybe Mr. is trying to indicate that 0.9.7 is  
> problematic,
> and that the latest SVN HEAD should be used, but in that case a
> statement to say so would be a lot less cryptic.  And in any case the
> log4cxx site says that - so I just can't see what would be considered
> outdated.

It is definitely not discontinued and the link for the project is the  
correct one.  I would disagree with the outdated designation since it  
would tend to confuse a user into thinking that the project is  
inactive.  Thanks for bringing it to our attention.  I would  
appreciate anything you could do to remove the designation and  
prevent it from being reapplied.

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