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From Michael Erskine <michael.ersk...@ketech.com>
Subject RE: JDBCAppender configuration
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2008 15:38:14 GMT
Johannes Hoechstaedter [mailto:j.hoechstaedter@memocomp.de] wrote
> I am up to build a coocon webapplication, and I am using the
> JDBCAppender for logging. It works quite well. My only problem is, that
> when I switch on the loggin in debug mode, my application is as fast as
> a snail because of the heavy database traffic. How can I solve that? I
> need the debug mode, because on other modes like info or warn no
> interesting log events are logged. I want to log the database actions,
> so that it is possible to monitor all database changes by the
> application. I heard something about filter possibilities, but could not
> find any documentation. Do I need to write my own appender or logger?
> Which tutorial do you suggest?

Logging database actions to the database? I'd rethink what you're trying to achieve with the
logs! Add a simple FileAppender or even ConsoleAppender to debug what your app is doing and
set a threshold of INFO on your JDBCAppender.

The JDBCAppender is shoddy anyhow - write yourself a replacement. It's a great way to learn
about what makes a good Appender.

Michael Erskine.

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