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From "Mikhail T." <mi+m...@aldan.algebra.com>
Subject Re: Reliable logging via log4j and NFS
Date Wed, 15 Jul 2009 17:57:27 GMT
iluxa86 написав(ла):
> To provide this i see variant:
> -Write logs in 2 threads (locally and to nfs) and then periodically
> synchronize them. (Question how? )
> -Alternate failover way to save logs 
> (e.g. in case of nfs crash write them locally and then copy them to nfs)
> (Question how remains =)) )

I'd say, you don't want to use NFS, if stability of the remote server is
a concern. Why not use SyslogAppender and configure the local syslogd to
copy the logged messages to the remote server's syslogd? syslogd uses
UDP-datagrams and will not care, if some messages don't reach the remote

Synchronizing the two logs after the remote's temporary disappearance is
something, you'll have to figure out, though. I'd say, you don't need
it, but you can code it yourself, if you want to.

This is far simpler to implement, than using a database back-end for
your log-messages, but the database may take care of the synchronization
for you, if you code it right.

But then you are simply replacing concerns over NFS-server stability
with concerns over database server stability, and the NFS is, probably,
easier to assure...


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