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From Scott Deboy <scott.de...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: how to remove loggers from chainsaws logger tree pane
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2010 14:08:35 GMT
That feature isn't implemented, but it's a good idea.

I will have the logger tree reset when the events are cleared (ctrl  
backspace or the trash can icon on the toolbar).



On Aug 3, 2010, at 2:02 AM, "Stadelmann Josef" <josef.stadelmann@axa-winterthur.ch 
 > wrote:

> Can sombody tell me how to remove loggers no longer needed from the
> loggers tree pane?
> a)    Throug a menu item
> b)    Through a command from the chainsaw client
> I studied quite a bit of chainsaw code, but don't get clever, (sorry  
> my
> poor java know-how),
> So given the message below found in Chainsaw,
> Message           Adding to Map
> axawl.spezpla.servers.SpezplaService.SpServer@ 
> BCC7DF783133ECA06A12808241
> 21184
> what do I have to do "logging-side-like" to tell Chainsaw to remove  
> this
> logger from the loggers tree panel map!
> Every long lasting user session creates ist own logger to keep logs  
> on a
> per user session separate. It works nicely.
> But once a session is dead, I like to remove the logger from the map
> controlled by menju or when my web service object destroy is called
> through a specific call to my logger in chainsaw?
> Josef Stadelmann
> @axa-winterthur.ch

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