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From Joern Huxhorn <jhuxh...@googlemail.com>
Subject Lilith 0.9.40 has been released! (supporting log4j & jul, too!)
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2010 22:26:02 GMT

Release Notes
- Color-Schemes (as used by saved conditions, for example) can now be
  defined partially, i.e. one condition can set a border while the text-color
  might be defined by a different condition.
- Maps, e.g. MDC, are now sorted by key-value in the details view.
  This was suggested by Joe.
- Added preferences to check for pre-release versions in addition to release
  versions. Off by default.
- Added -T/--print-timestamp command line argument that prints the timestamp
  and date of build.
- If the used version is a SNAPSHOT, Lilith will always check for a new
  SNAPSHOT pre-release regardless of the "Check for updates on startup."
- Enhanced "Check for update" functionality.
  No more false update warnings in case of SNAPSHOT pre-releases.
  A new release takes precedence over a new pre-release.
- SNAPSHOT pre-releases will now contain the date and time of the build in
  the window title.
- Added support for java.util.logging SocketHandler. Lilith is listening on
  port 11020 for incoming connections.
  I'd still recommend to switch to SLF4J/Logback, though!
  (Ticket 35)
- Added JSON-Appenders and JSON-Receivers.
  Lilith is listening for message-based JSON-Events on port 10030
  (uncompressed) and 10031 (compressed).
  Zero-delimited JSON-Events are consumed on port 11010.
  Check out the expected JSON data at 
- Replaced Commons-CLI with JCommander. Very nice replacement.
  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Cedric Beust for his great
  (and fast!) support!
  You should seriously check JCommander out if your application is handling
  command line arguments at all.
- Added support for Log4j SocketAppender. Lilith is listening on port 4445
  for incoming connections.
  I'd still recommend to switch to SLF4J/Logback, though!
  (Ticket 32)
- Fixed glitch in case of "Find next"/"Find prev" while search is already
  running. Additional searches are now ignored.
- Added "Find previous active" (*command* T) and "Find next active"
  (*command* shift T) functionality to quickly jump to events that match any
  active condition.
  (Ticket 93)
- Added "Export" functionality which exports the currently selected view into
  a Lilith file.
  (Ticket 92)
- Added default condition name to preferences. It's preselected for every
  new view.
  This was suggested by Lothar Cezanne.
- Polling events every 100ms instead of every 2s.
  This results in less congestion and a much snappier feeling.
- Added --export-preferences <file> and --import-preferences <file>
  commandline options to be able to export and import all preferences.
  This was requested by Gareth Doutch (gdoutch).
  (Ticket 81)
- Added an additional executable lilith-all.jar containing all dependencies as
  another download option.
  This was requested by Adrien Sales.
- Added ability to define a sound for WARN-level events, but without
  any assigned default sound.
  This was requested by Adrien Sales.
- Added F1 as shortcut for Help.
  This was requested by Adrien Sales.
- Fixed several issues in case of log files that are recreated by
  <append>false<append> in FileAppender.
  Those were all raised by Jeff Jensen (jeffjensen). Thank you very much!
  (Ticket 84, 88, 90)
- Fixed the regression that the internal Lilith log wouldn't show up in
  the menu anymore.
  (Ticket #85)
- Changed update interval of opened files from 5 seconds to 1 second.
- Spring 3.0.5.RELEASE
- Groovy 1.7.5
- SLF4J 1.6.1
- Logback 0.9.26

Known Issues
- Selection in the HTML view is currently somewhat buggy, especially
  in case of scaled view.
  This is a limitation of Flying Saucer that's used as the XHTML renderer.
- cat and tail are currently still experimental features.
  AccessEvent isn't (and can't be) supported yet. LoggingEvent isn't
  fully supported, either.

And finally:
Sulky and Lilith builds have been switched from Maven to Gradle. pom files
are still maintained but mainly because of Sonar.
I'd like to take this opportunity and thank the great Gradle community from
the #gradle channel on irc.codehaus.org, especially - but not exclusively! -
adam (Adam Murdoch), xlson (Leonard Axelsson) and sebersole (Steve Ebersole).
Thank you very much!
If you haven't taken a look at Gradle yet you should definitely do so now or in
the near future...

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