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From "Stadelmann Josef" <josef.stadelm...@axa-winterthur.ch>
Subject AW: SVN Update using clinet CollabNet fails
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2012 10:06:22 GMT
Hallo Christian

the URL to the SVN Repo is : 

from my DOS window
E:\asf\logging\log4j>jsvn list http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/logging/log4j


When I load this project into NetBeans and when I then do 
RMB down followed by
Subversion Update on the Apache Log4j Project Node I get a time out.

I get in a NB Error Message BOX
org.apache.subversion.javahl.ClientException: E175002: timed out waiting for server
E175002: OPTIONS request failed on '/repos/asf/logging/log4j'

That happens only if the client does not authenticate with the Proxy/Firewall Server.

from OpenVMS and from PC DOS windows it works using a jsvn_option environment variable such


And this JSVN_OPTS is passed in JSVN.BAT to the java.exe used to launch JSVN.
I have no clue how JSVN is intended to work from NetBeans.
Guess I am on the wrong Forum and must ask the NetBeans group for that.

What versions of JSVN will work and what Versions of JSVN will not work?
My Version of JSVN is 1.3.5, built with ANT 1.8.2, and I know there are better
JSVN versions, which might be able to work without the JSVN_OPTS or are almost 
able to use a http Client able to negotiate for the Authentication Schema with 
a proxy server.

The issue why I could not build the latest greatest SVNkit is because on a 
attempt to build SVNkit with gradle, gradle downloads itself first, and
in the gradle binary ZIP is a EXE file which our Firewall does not allow to
pass. So I cannot build SVNkit using gradle at work. But from home this is OK
and it works because I have just a Wireless Access Box Firewall, but nothing
so crazy as our company uses.
I have difficulties to just download the gradle binary kit from the DOWNLOAD 
page at work, well my colleagues have this problem as too.

Can you tell me which version of SVNkit you are using?


-----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Christian Grobmeier [mailto:grobmeier@gmail.com] 
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2012 12:33
An: Log4J Users List
Betreff: Re: SVN Update using clinet CollabNet fails

I only use the commandline from my mac.
Can you show us the complete URL you use?

On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 11:26 AM, Stadelmann Josef
<josef.stadelmann@axa-winterthur.ch> wrote:
> Using NetBeans 7.2 and CollabNet SVN client repeatdedkly fails with
> ==[IDE]== 25.07.2012 10:45:37 Updating "Apache Log4j"
> update E:/asf/logging/log4j/trunk -r HEAD --force
> svn: Malformed reply from SOCKS server
> svn: OPTIONS request failed on '/repos/asf/logging/log4j'
> svn: Malformed reply from SOCKS server
> svn: OPTIONS request failed on '/repos/asf/logging/log4j'
> ==[IDE]== 25.07.2012 10:47:51 Updating "Apache Log4j" finished.
> a Box shows up
> SVN Command Failed
> org.tigris.subversion.javahl.ClientException: Malformed reply from SOCKS
> server
> OPTIONS request failed on
> '/repos/asf/logging/log4j/trunk/src/main/java/org/apache/log4j'
> Which version of SVN Client from Collabnet are you using out of NetBeans
> to have success?
> Because TortoiseSVN has no problems with Updating or Checkout?
> Josef


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