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From Robert Elliot <...@lidalia.org.uk>
Subject Redirecting Log4j2 to SLF4J?
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2013 16:53:34 GMT

I've been browsing the Log4j2 site, and the documentation is unsurprisingly very focussed
on people using the Log4j2 API directly. Given the profile of Apache & Log4j as brands
this means we will almost certainly very soon see libraries logging directly to the Log4j2
API (whether this is the intent of the committers or not). Which means that application writers
will soon need to manage the log messages from those libraries as those libraries are brought
in to their applications, directly or by transitive dependencies.

Currently SLF4J provides means to redirect java.util.logging, Log4j and Commons Logging to
SLF4J, and thankfully Logback doesn't encourage clients to use its API directly, making SLF4J
the simplest means for centralising the diverse logging APIs in use to a single implementation
of my own choice.

I see there is a way to make Log4j2 an SLF4J implementation, but I could not see any documentation
on redirecting Log4j2 to SLF4J in the event that the end application does not wish to use
Log4j2 as its logging implentation. Is this on the cards?


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