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From Nick Williams <nicho...@nicholaswilliams.net>
Subject Three things I couldn't find on the Log4j 2 Site
Date Sun, 24 Mar 2013 08:08:49 GMT
I've been a Log4j 1 user for years and I love it. I'm currently writing a book for Java EE
7 + Spring Framework 4 development and one of my chapters is on application logging. I was
going to cover Log4j 1 and then I stumbled upon Log4j 2. It looks like a serious improvement
over Log4j 1 and I'm quite excited about it. There are three important things that I couldn't
find on the site (I read the entire manual, and looked at what I thought were all of the pages,
but it's possible I've missing something). I'm hoping someone here can sort it out for me:

1) How stable is the API at this point? I understand the hazards of beta software, but are
we talking "it could be drastically different in six months" or "chances are it won't change
much from here on out?" I don't expect a precise answer, just some guidance.

2) What is the /projected/ GA date? I know that dates are never certain with open source software,
and I don't expect somebody to tell me that it'll be GA on July 21, 2013. But are we talking
weeks, months, or upwards of a year? If my book goes to press in November of this year, do
I risk that Log4j 2 isn't out by that time if I include it?

3) Where is the darned JavaDoc API documentation? I'm quite used to how easy it is to find
in the Commons, on the Tomcat site, and on the Log4j 1 site (there's a big link that says
"JavaDoc" in the sidebar). But I was rather flabbergasted by the fact that I couldn't find
any on the Log4j 2 site. Specifically, I'm looking for the JavaDoc pages for the API, the
Implementation, and the Commons Logging Bridge.

Also, I have a general question about the API versus Commons Logging. For years my understanding,
reading, and training have told me to use Commons Logging so that the underlying implementation
could be easily switched out if needed (even though I have never strayed from Log4j). However,
with Log4j 2 it looks like the API being separated from the Implementation makes this an unnecessary
step, and could cause performance to suffer. So, I wonder:

A) How important is using Commons Logging as a facade in front of Log4j anymore? It sounds
like it matters less now, and could cause performance to suffer.

B) Should libraries still use Commons Logging, but applications start using the Log4j 2 API

C) Will my existing libraries using Commons Logging 1.1 play nicely with Log4j 2? Or will
they struggle to find a facility to log with? Do I need the Commons Logging Bridge to make
these existing libraries log properly (that's what it sounds like, but I want to make sure)?

Thanks in advance for any answers I receive!

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