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From "SMITH, CURTIS" <cs0...@att.com>
Subject RE: reflection? RE: async logger on slow single core env performs 50% worse than log4j v1
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2013 14:34:50 GMT
>> Are the test programs identical? I

Yes identical excepting for log4j versions and the required totally different way of configuring.

>> MDC

Not coded this yet, wanting to in one version or the other.  So no code to post since I haven't
gotten to MDC vs NDC (??) yet.  Just making sure going to v2 is doable perf-wise.  We're short
of CPU as it is in this env.   :)

Thanks for the help and opinions!

BTW since you guys know the details well,  we just need simple fish tagging, no location stuff,
just a few context variables put into the context at event creation time on a thread, then
all logs along that flow log 3-5 variables pulled from the context.  Is this doable in v1
NDC??   I would just guess a name-value look up by name in the PatternLayout shouldn’t'
be much of a perf hit???


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From: Remko Popma [mailto:remkop@yahoo.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 10:14 AM
To: Log4J-Users List
Subject: Re: reflection? RE: async logger on slow single core env performs 50% worse than
log4j v1

It may be possible (but a bit of a hack) to use async loggers without reflection. It involves
compiling your own version of the
com.lmax.disruptor.util.Util class where you replace the implementation of the #getUnsafe()
method with a simple call to sun.misc.Unsafe.getUnsafe().
Obviously this is not pretty and there are no guarantees that you won&#x27;t get a SecurityException
or so next... :-(

You may be better off using AsyncAppender if you want your blocking I/O to happen in another
thread. This may still be beneficial even on a one-core machine.

Back to the difference between log4j-1.2 (20% CPU) and log4j-2.0 (40% CPU).
Are the test programs identical? I remember you mentioned below that you
use MDC with 2.0 but not with 1.2. Can you give a sample of your log4j
usage with 1.2 and with 2.0? (Maybe create a JIRA and attach files to it?)
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