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From Eric Schwarzenbach <subscri...@blackbrook.org>
Subject Log file named ${sys
Date Mon, 26 Aug 2013 23:14:56 GMT
I'm using log4j 2.0-beta8 in a webapp, and running it under Tomcat.

I'm setting a system property in my apps ServletContextListener, and 
using that system property in my log4j2.xml file, like so:

<appender type="FastFile" name="File" 

On my Windows machine, a log file named "${sys." (always 0 bytes) is 
being created instead of a log file with the application-name. The same 
war deployed on one of our linux servers (also tomcat 7, though a 
slightly different version) does not create a ${sys." file and instead 
creates a log file with the intended application-name.

What I think must be happening is that my app's ServletContextListener 
contextInitialized method is getting called before 
Log4jServletContextListener's on the server, but that they are getting 
called in the opposite order on my local machine. The javadoc seems to 
suggest that the intention is for it Log4jServletContextListener's to 
always occur first. This raises several issues:

1) Is the fact that they get called in different orders on different 
machines a failure of Tomcat to call them in the right order? Or a 
failure of the log4j code to ensure things are set up so as to guarantee 
this order? Or is the order even specified and guarranteeable?

2) Is Log4jServletContextListener's contextInitialized  being called 
first necessarily desirable? If Log4jServletContextListener always gets 
called before the application's context listener, how is the application 
to set up variables for use in the log4j configuration, particularly, 
for example (which is what I am doing), to get the webapp's name from 
the servlet context path to name the log files? Is there some better way 
to do this? (Ideally without requiring configuration to be loaded 
twice...which is what I ended up happening with logback when I tried to 
set it up to do this same thing.)

According to the servlet spec "The Web container registers the listener 
instances according to the interfaces they implement and the order in 
which they appear in the deployment descriptor. During Web application 
execution, listeners are invoked in the order of their registration." Since
Log4jServletContextListener doesn't appear in the web.xml, I assume it 
should call them "according to the interfaces they implement". I have no 
idea what that is supposed to mean, though.

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