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From Remko Popma <remko.po...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Log file named ${sys
Date Mon, 26 Aug 2013 23:48:33 GMT
Looks like a string substitution issue in the FastFile appender (renamed to
RandomAccessFile appender in the next release, btw, so you'll need to
change your config when you upgrade).

Can you file a JIRA ticket for this?


On Tuesday, August 27, 2013, Eric Schwarzenbach wrote:

> I'm using log4j 2.0-beta8 in a webapp, and running it under Tomcat.
> I'm setting a system property in my apps ServletContextListener, and using
> that system property in my log4j2.xml file, like so:
> <appender type="FastFile" name="File" fileName="${sys:catalina.home}**
> /logs/${sys:application-name}.**log">
> On my Windows machine, a log file named "${sys." (always 0 bytes) is being
> created instead of a log file with the application-name. The same war
> deployed on one of our linux servers (also tomcat 7, though a slightly
> different version) does not create a ${sys." file and instead creates a log
> file with the intended application-name.
> What I think must be happening is that my app's ServletContextListener
> contextInitialized method is getting called before
> Log4jServletContextListener's on the server, but that they are getting
> called in the opposite order on my local machine. The javadoc seems to
> suggest that the intention is for it Log4jServletContextListener's to
> always occur first. This raises several issues:
> 1) Is the fact that they get called in different orders on different
> machines a failure of Tomcat to call them in the right order? Or a failure
> of the log4j code to ensure things are set up so as to guarantee this
> order? Or is the order even specified and guarranteeable?
> 2) Is Log4jServletContextListener's contextInitialized  being called first
> necessarily desirable? If Log4jServletContextListener always gets called
> before the application's context listener, how is the application to set up
> variables for use in the log4j configuration, particularly, for example
> (which is what I am doing), to get the webapp's name from the servlet
> context path to name the log files? Is there some better way to do this?
> (Ideally without requiring configuration to be loaded twice...which is what
> I ended up happening with logback when I tried to set it up to do this same
> thing.)
> According to the servlet spec "The Web container registers the listener
> instances according to the interfaces they implement and the order in which
> they appear in the deployment descriptor. During Web application execution,
> listeners are invoked in the order of their registration." Since
> Log4jServletContextListener doesn't appear in the web.xml, I assume it
> should call them "according to the interfaces they implement". I have no
> idea what that is supposed to mean, though.
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