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From Kamil Mroczek <ka...@thinknear.com>
Subject log4j2 + FastFileAppender + Tomcat logrotate problem
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2013 22:17:02 GMT

We decided to try out log4j2-beta8 to see if we could improve our
logging performance.  We were testing with the disruptor 3.1.1.
library to make all our appenders async.


We are running tomcat 7 with Java 1.6.  We use the SLF4J library as well.

The appender that we were using in this case was the Fast File
Appender with a definition like:

<FastFile name="RequestLog" fileName="requests.log"
immediateFlush="false" append="true">

And logger was..

<logger name="a.namespace" level="info" additivity="false">
  <appender-ref ref="RequestLog"/>

So the system was designed to allow log4j to do the logging and then
have logrotate rotate the log files from the host to an external

We rotate the logs every 5 minutes with these params (with LZO compression).

compresscmd /bin/lzop
compressoptions "-U"
compressext .lzo

What we were seeing was that after a log rotation happened the new
file would start with a massive chunk of binary data at the start.
Many times on the order of 100-200MB.  This would turn the logs from
being on the order of 50-100MB to 200-350MB.

My guess was that it had something to do with the byte buffer flushing
mid-rotate since these chunks always come at the start of the file.
But I also saw LOG4J2-295 (Fast(Rolling)FileAppender now correctly
handles messages exceeding the buffer size. ) which was fixed in beta8
which my discredit that idea.

We were able to fix the issue by using the regular FileAppender like this:

<File name="RequestLog" fileName="requests.log" immediateFlush="true"
append="true" bufferedIO="false">

I can't remember for certain, but I am pretty sure that even if we had
bufferedIO="true" on the FileAppender everything worked okay as well.

We could reproduce it pretty consistently.  I wanted to post to the
group to see if anyone has seen anything like this before.  Any ideas
on what the issue could be?

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