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From Marco Cosentino <cosentino...@gmail.com>
Subject log4j 2.0 - About StatusLogger logging level and console output
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2014 16:13:05 GMT
I'm trying to get log4j 2.0 debug information printed out in the console 
but I couldn't manage to get them.
In log4j 1.x you would set the system property "log4j.debug".

I thought that the mechanism was similar in log4j 2.x and apparently it 
should be by setting

Still nothing, so I dug a little bit in the code and found that the 
StatusLogger logs its messages either to the listeners (if there's at 
least one) or to a SimpleLogger (logger) which is initialized in the 
constructor (method StatusLogger#logMessage()).

I found that there was a JMX listener registered so I disabled JMX beans 
but still no luck: the messages don't appear in the console.

I noticed though that the constructor might be the source of the problem:

     private StatusLogger() {
         this.logger = new SimpleLogger("StatusLogger", Level.ERROR, 
false, true, false, false, Strings.EMPTY, null, PROPS,
         this.listenersLevel = Level.toLevel(DEFAULT_STATUS_LEVEL, 

The SimpleLogger is initialized using level ERROR therefore the 
isEnabled implementation in StatusLogger returns the logging level of 
this.logger which is always ERROR even if I wanted DEBUG.

Would it make sense to use DEFAULT_STATUS_LEVEL to actually set the 
level into the SimpleLogger constructor?
Why is it so hard to get debug messages showing up in the console (I 
mean disable JMX and set the property to DEBUG)?

Marco Cosentino

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