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From Shawn Heisey <apa...@elyograg.org>
Subject Re: Redirect log4j to JUL
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2015 15:00:21 GMT
On 1/5/2015 7:09 AM, Goran Karlic wrote:
> I looked into SLF4J - it seems an overkill for the situation: around 95% of logs are
JUL, maybe 5% log4j.
> Adding multiple SLF4J jars for that 5% with their overhead is not really an option --
But I'll think about it anyway, since it seems the only "fair" solution.
> I'll ask the dev of that module to switch from log4j to JUL, seems the simplest solution
(never would have thought that before - but one can always learn :-)

>From the code side, I'm really only familiar with slf4j, but I would
imagine that if the developer is using log4j, they would consider JUL to
be a major step backwards and will not want to do it ... but they MIGHT
be willing to switch to slf4j.  With slf4j, the developer (and in some
cases, like with Solr, the end-user) can easily change the final logging
endpoint to whatever framework they like best, without changing the code
at all.

>From the user side, I find log4j's configuration to be a lot more
flexible than JUL.  I have never looked into the performance.  Putting
forth a conjecture: if the performance and flexibility of the logging
built into Java were good enough, I don't think that Apache would have
bothered with two of their own systems for logging -- log4j and the
logging subproject under commons.


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