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From "Joachim Kanbach" <jo...@gmx.de>
Subject Aw: Re: How to consolidate Server and Application Logging in GlassFish?
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2016 08:31:07 GMT
Ok, once again I have to correct myself only moments later.

Actually, the CronTriggeringPolicy defined in the GlassFish log4j2.xml configuration DOES
still trigger like before, AND the RollingFileManager performs the rollover.

But the reason why it works makes me think I'm exploiting an implementation detail. I debugged
the running server instance and found that when the CronTriggeringPolicy fires, it directly
calls RollingFileManager.rollover(). The fact that this RollingFileManager has a TriggeringPolicy
field that does NOT include the CronTriggeringPolicy has no effect, the content of the field
is not used on this control flow.

On the other hand, when a log event occurs, control flows from the class AppenderControl to
RollingFileManager.checkRollover(event). And here, the triggeringPolicy IS actually evaluated:

    public synchronized void checkRollover(final LogEvent event) {
        if (triggeringPolicy.isTriggeringEvent(event)) {

So the SizeBasedTriggeringPolicy defined in my applications' configuration does override the
one defined at the server level, but the CronBasedTriggeringPolicy doesn't.

I can live with this for the moment, but it appears fragile to me.

> I'm afraid I was talking too soon: the reason that the other threads went away is because
my CronTriggeringPolicy was removed from the RollingFileManager. I debugged and looked at
the source; both the RolloverStrategy and the TriggeringPolicy are stored with the RollingFileManager
and NOT the RollingFileAppender. So when my applications got deployed, their configuration
overwrote the shared RollingFileManager's TriggeringPolicy, i.e. no cron triggering occurs
anymore. I'll have to find a different solution.

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