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From Ralph Goers <ralph.go...@dslextreme.com>
Subject Re: porting log4j2 to .NET
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2016 14:02:52 GMT
Matt, I think you are missing the point. He wants a standard logging API that he can use in
both .NET and Java so when the developers switch between them they have the same contract
and functionality.


> On Oct 18, 2016, at 6:58 AM, Matt Sicker <boards@gmail.com> wrote:
> Using syslog is a pretty standard way to collect logs from all sorts of
> programs and goes back decades. There has been an update to the syslog
> format in RFC 5424 which fleshes it out a bunch.
> Then there are programs like Logstash and Flume which can be used in a more
> platform-agnostic manner to collect logs from different applications.
> Really, when it comes down to it, the most standard way you can log
> everything regardless of programming language is to use log files or some
> sort of network appender using a standardized binary format.
> On 18 October 2016 at 08:53, Nicholas Duane <nickdu@msn.com> wrote:
>> I guess platform is vague.  Maybe I should have said language agnostic.
>> It would be nice to have a single logging architecture/design run on C/C++,
>> .NET, Java, etc.  Or at least it seems like a nice feature to me.  I would
>> assume there are many enterprises out there that have applications running
>> on different OS's and languages.  If I'm trying to pick a logging framework
>> to use and I find a popular one which is capable and runs similarly across
>> the OS's and languages then that's a big plus in my mind.
>> Thanks,
>> Nick
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>> From: Mikael Ståldal <mikael.staldal@magine.com>
>> Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2016 2:52 AM
>> To: Log4J Users List
>> Subject: Re: porting log4j2 to .NET
>> Just to make things clear, Log4j is a logging framework for the JVM
>> platform, and it is agnostic to the underlying OS. It it well tested on (at
>> least) both Linux and Windows.
>> On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 2:33 AM, Nicholas Duane <nickdu@msn.com> wrote:
>>> Figured I would send this question out to the log4j side.  I have already
>>> had some email exchanges with the log4net mailing list regarding porting
>>> log4j2 to .NET.  My suggestion was that the apache logging framework be a
>>> single architecture design which is platform agnostic and then teams
>> which
>>> port to the different platforms.  It seems log4net was a port of log4j
>> and
>>> may be going off in its own direction from that initial port.  My
>> viewpoint
>>> is that's a bad idea as one of the benefits I saw was that log4net was
>>> similar to log4j2 and we're looking for logging frameworks for our
>>> enterprise.  We have applications on both Windows/.NET and Linux/Java so
>>> having a logging framework for Windows/.NET which is similar to a logging
>>> framework for Linux/Java was a big plus.
>>> While I have no doubt the effort to port log4j2 to .NET is considerable,
>>> it would be a port and thus I'm not spending time figuring out design and
>>> algorithms.  Would anyone want to venture a guess at what that effort
>> might
>>> be?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Nick
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