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From Dmitriy Neretin <dmitriy.nere...@googlemail.com>
Subject Log4j2 generates zero-bytes files when disk runs out of space
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2016 12:11:10 GMT
Hello everyone,

I have a strange side effect when our disks run out of space. (I know it's
not a task of a logging framework and log4 is also not a cause of our
problem, but it is still a side effect of the log4j :))

Log4 (2.5) starts to generate 0-Byte files and these files will be
immediately "gunzipped". So at the end of a day I have 2-5 "real" log files
and some hundreds of 0-byte *.log and *.log.gz files.

Is this side effect already known? Is there some workaround for this
problem? It's not a really blocker but it is also not nice...

I thought it were possible to delete such files with IfAccumulatedFileSize
policy, but there is a check with IllegalParameterException (>=0)

My config file is attached.


P. S. CdllFileAppender extends

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