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From Mohkam Singh Sawhney <singh...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Log4Net v2.0.8 - SMTP appender not relaying emails on Windows Server 2003
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2017 07:23:20 GMT
Unfortunately even I will not be able to confirm this, as I am working on a machine which has
.net 4.5.

      From: Dominik Psenner <dpsenner@gmail.com>
 To: Mohkam Singh Sawhney <singhmss@yahoo.com> 
Cc: Log4NET User <log4net-user@logging.apache.org>
 Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2017 1:24 PM
 Subject: Re: Log4Net v2.0.8 - SMTP appender not relaying emails on Windows Server 2003
log4net should not even compile if it referenced classes that do not exist in a targetted
framework. Note that this might be related to https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/LOG4NET-548
too. This could be a symptom of the fact that net 4.5 is a in place replacement of net 4.0.
You should be able to confirm this if you tried to compile log4net on a machine that has only
net 4.0 installed. Unfortunately i have no possibility to evaluate this because I have no
operating system to evaluate this on.
On 13 Nov 2017 5:58 p.m., "Mohkam Singh Sawhney" <singhmss@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi Dominik,
I reviewed the accepted answer on the link that you shared.
Our application is a console application that was compiled against .net framework 4. We are
using the framework 4.0 version of the log4net dll.  Windows server 2003 does not support
.net framework 4.5. 
ClaimsIdentity Class was introduced in framework 4.5. (https://msdn.microsoft.com/ en-us/library/system.security.
claims.claimsidentity.aspx). Why is the log4net dll referencing this class?

Thanks and Regards
Mohkam Singh
      From: Dominik Psenner <dpsenner@gmail.com>
 To: Log4NET User <log4net-user@logging.apache. org>; Mohkam Singh Sawhney <singhmss@yahoo.com>

 Sent: Monday, November 13, 2017 12:16 AM
 Subject: Re: Log4Net v2.0.8 - SMTP appender not relaying emails on Windows Server 2003
Googling yields this:
https://social.msdn.microsoft. com/Forums/en-US/378905e5- 297b-4235-a170-f519d77f02b9/ iis7-web-app-error-could-not-
load-type- systemsecurityclaimsclaimsiden tity-from-assembly?forum= csharpgeneral
On 12 Nov 2017 11:36 a.m., "Mohkam Singh Sawhney" <singhmss@yahoo.com> wrote:

We were using Log4Net v1.2.13.0 with an application that targets .net framework 4 on windows
server 2003, Below is the SmptAppender configuration (hiding our production values with xxxx).
We were able to receive email on 'FATAL' log entry.
    <appender name="SmtpAppender" type="log4net.Appender. SmtpAppender">      <to
value="xxxx" />      <from value="xxxx" />      <subject type="log4net.Util.
PatternString" value="xxxx" />      <smtpHost value="xxxx" />      <username
value="xxxx" />      <password value="xxxx" />      <authentication value="Basic"
/><bufferSize value="5" /><lossy value="true" /><evaluator type="log4net.Core.
LevelEvaluator">        <threshold value="FATAL" />      </evaluator><layout
type="log4net.Layout. PatternLayout">        <conversionPattern value="%newline%date
%-5level [%logger] %message%newline%exception% newline" />      </layout>   
We recently updated our application to use Log4Net v2.0.8, with the same configuration for
SmptAppender . After this update, we stopped receiving emails. On enabling the internal log4Net
logging, the below error was logged.
log4net: Created Appender [SmtpAppender]log4net: Adding appender named [SmtpAppender] to logger
[root].log4net: Hierarchy Threshold []log4net:ERROR [SmtpAppender] ErrorCode: GenericFailure.
Failed in DoAppendSystem.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'System.Security.Claims. ClaimsIdentity'
from assembly 'mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken= b77a5c561934e089'. 
 at log4net.Core.LoggingEvent.get_ UserName()   at log4net.Core.LoggingEvent. FixVolatileData(FixFlags
flags) in c:\log4net\tags\2.0.8RC1\src\ Core\LoggingEvent.cs:line 1341   at log4net.Appender.
BufferingAppenderSkeleton. Append(LoggingEvent loggingEvent) in c:\log4net\tags\2.0.8RC1\src\
Appender\ BufferingAppenderSkeleton.cs: line 483   at log4net.Appender. AppenderSkeleton.DoAppend(
LoggingEvent loggingEvent) in c:\log4net\tags\2.0.8RC1\src\ Appender\AppenderSkeleton.cs:
line 317log4net: Shutdown called on Hierarchy [log4net-default-repository]
If we revert back to Log4Net v1.2.13.0, we start receiving emails as expected. Please advise
how can we resolve the issue with version 2.0.8.

Thanks and Regards
Mohkam Singh


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