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From Frank Nestel <>
Subject feature suggestion
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2001 10:52:41 GMT
Maybe I shouldn't, but it looks like the Token retrieval question
seems to have triggered great thoughts in your guru brains. 

Here is another thing I could use, actually browsing through the
and FieldReader stuff I do not see that it is principal problem.
For me it even seems simpler than the Token retrieval problem.

Actually Lucene is kind of a special purpose database and I realized
that some parts of my application would be even easier if I could store
additional information on documents which do not fit into the current
realm of Fields. Lucene would give me a thread safe efficient repository
for my data, especially since I use it anyway for the pure searching.

For a short moment I considered marshalling this extra info into XML or
at least text. But this means an considerable overhead and another 
developers inconvenience. It should be possible to have a different kind
of Field which holds a Serializable Object just stored, untokenized and
unindexed just for retrieval together with other document data. 
Probably there might be other applications where even unstored Fields
of that kind would make sense, but tokenizing should be impossible. And
I do not want to dream here about what one could do if indexing was

Of course I understand this is not a thing to appear soon.

But in case it appears, I'll throw away nearly half of my document 
storing code since I'd fully rely on the Lucene engine.

Thanks for your patience,


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