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From (Andrew Cottrell)
Subject Re(2): src/demo/org/apache/lucene/Search.jhtml
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2001 09:18:12 GMT writes:
>Could this be contributed and included in the project?  Tomcat support 
>JSP, thus it will be easier to Lucene "out of the box".
>Note: Their is a copyright notice from Douglass R. Cutting.

I guess we'll have to ask Douglass. The file does not mention the
licensing terms.

As I understand things all apache software should be copyright The Apache
Software Foundation and released under The Apache Software License. As
this is not copyright TASF there doesn't appear to be any implication that
this is released under TASL.

Forgive my ignorance, is Douglass on this mailing list?

btw, I've since made other changes to this file as interface changes in
Lucene caused a few bugs (Document.get(String field) now returns null, if
the field does not exist, rather than "" that the jhtml assumes). I also
added a "I'm Feeling Lucky" button! What is the best way to get these
changes into Lucene (assuming no copyright/license problems)? Zip
attachments seem a bit crude!

Also, as I guess others have done, I've created a web site indexing
application using Lucene. My approach has been to use JoBo
<> to spider and Lucene to index
with a bit of glue code I've written to join the two. Is there an easy way
to make my code available to others (if anyone is interested)?

btw, JoBo is 100% Java, comes with source code and is licensed under the
following terms:

>JoBo is free software. You don't have to pay for it. If you think, JoBo
>is worth some money or you want to use JoBo for a commercial project,
>please make a donation to one of the following organizations:
>    * Unicef (english)
>    * Stiftung Menschen fuer Menschen (deutsch)

-Andrew Cottrell

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