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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Lucene release 1.2 RC4
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 21:12:00 GMT
A new release of Lucene is available, 1.2 release candidate 4.

The new release can be downloaded from:

If no serious bugs are identified in the next few days, I'll will make a 1.2
final release.

Release notes follow.


1.2 RC4

 1. Updated contributions section of website.
    Add XML Document #3 implementation to Document Section.
    Also added Term Highlighting to Misc Section. (carlson)

 2. Fixed NullPointerException for phrase searches containing
    unindexed terms, introduced in 1.2RC3.  (cutting)

 3. Changed document deletion code to obtain the index write lock,
    enforcing the fact that document addition and deletion cannot be
    performed concurrently.  (cutting)

 4. Various documentation cleanups.  (otis, acoliver)

 5. Updated "powered by" links.  (cutting, jon)

 6. Fixed a bug in the GermanStemmer.  (Bernhard Messer, via otis)

 7. Changed Term and Query to implement Serializable.  (scottganyo)

 8. Fixed to never delete indexes added with IndexWriter.addIndexes().

 9. Upgraded to JUnit 3.7. (otis)

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