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From "Eugene Gluzberg" <>
Subject Re: Action Item Vote Request
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2002 16:10:16 GMT
> 1) Create a contributions area as part of the Lucene CVS. This area would
> used to bring together submitted to the Lucene mailing list (with
> from the submitter). The code would need to be repackaged (i.e. Give it an
> org.apache.lucene.contrib package), licensed (add the apache license),
> to the  "build-contrib" target of the ant build script.

+1 if i can find it, I have some old contributions from developers on my
other computer from long back when we were still @ sourceforge that I would
like to put in.

> 2) Create a scratchpad area in the Lucene CVS
> (org.apache.lucene.scratchpad). This area would be focused on creating new
> parts of the Lucene core in an experimental mode. This code would be
> considered unstable and unsupported. If a part becomes stable and is
> to be moved into the Lucene core build, it must be approved through a
> committers vote (+3 votes).
> This area would be a place that committers can join together on new
> / experiments so they do not interfere with the regular Lucene development
> process and still get collaboration.

0 I dont know :)

> 3) Adopt a more formal release plan.
>     a)Beta means feature freeze
>     b)Release candidate means code freeze (unless bugs)
> To move into a beta or release candidate stage, you must a vote by the
> committers (+3 votes).
> I am willing to help with the build process. I will work with Doug to help
> handle these activities.  This also would include updating the web site.
> I am +1.

+1 here too.

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