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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject RE: Development issues / processes
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2002 19:04:54 GMT
Sorry I have not been very active on Lucene recently.  I went on vacation
for ten days, and since my return my day job has consumed all my time.  I
hope to be able to spend increased time on Lucene over the next few weeks.

> From: Peter Carlson []
> Questions:
> 1) Should Lucene put 3rd party contributions into the 
> projects CVS under a
> contrib area?
> 2) Should there still be a contributions page?

I'm in favor of a contributions area, but it requires someone to build and
maintain it.  Are you volunteering?

> 3) Should there be a scratchpad area which basically provides 
> an unsupported
> testing ground for new ideas and code?

I'm also in favor of a scratchpad.  This should not require much maintenance
or administration, but will require someone to set it up initially.  Any

> 4) Should there be a sub-project for the web crawler project 
> that is being
> discussed?

Sounds like a good idea to me.  I've assumed that when someone starts to put
the code together then they'll ask for a place to put it.  If they're
already Lucene comitters, then, once we've all agreed on where it should go,
they can create it themselves and start adding code.  So I think this is
really gated by the developers in question.

> 5) What is the release process for Lucene. That is what do 
> the different
> stages mean (alpha, beta, release candidate?)
> 5) Some ideas on a Lucene release staging process.
> Stage 1 (Design) - determine and design new features for next 
> release (this
> might change on the way but there should be a defined set)
> Stage 2 (Development) - Work on new features
> Stage 3 (alpha) - All new features exist, but there are bugs. 
> May fail some
> unit testing. Feature Freeze (this may be difficult in a open source
> environment)
> Stage 4 (beta) - No show stopping bugs and completes all unit 
> tests. Request
> outside developers to start working with release. Fix bugs.
> Stage 5 (release candidate) - All know bugs have been fixed 
> and the product
> is presummed stable. A wider audience tries the release. If 
> not bugs are
> found in a 5? day period, the release is goes final gold 
> master. Source code
> freeze unless bugs found.
> Stage 6 (Gold Master) - The release is final.
> Start the process over again.

This would be great, but it takes coordination. I'm the only person who has
made Lucene releases, and I'd personally rather not administer a more
complex process.  If someone else would like to become the release master,
I'll gladly relenquish the controls.  Anyone interested?


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