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From Peter Carlson <>
Subject Re: Action Item Vote Request
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2002 22:08:48 GMT
Hi Brian,

I have a suggestions that would be a little different, but I think would
accomplish the same function. I was looking at the current Jakarta CVS
repositories and it looks like we might create a sublevel under

Right now the CVS repository looks like


What about

This way if you wanted to just cvs to get the core lucene build you can
point to /jarkarta-lucene/lucene/... Instead of jarkarta-lucene/...

Thoughts anyone



On 3/26/02 11:00 AM, "Brian Goetz" <> wrote:

>> 1) Create a contributions area as part of the Lucene CVS. This area would be
>> used to bring together submitted to the Lucene mailing list (with permission
>> from the submitter). The code would need to be repackaged (i.e. Give it an
>> org.apache.lucene.contrib package), licensed (add the apache license), added
>> to the  "build-contrib" target of the ant build script.
>> There are a lot of great contributions out there that may or may not become
>> part of Lucene's core build. I am +1 and am willing to set this up and help
>> maintain it.
> I prefer instead to have the /contrib area a separate CVS repo.  My
> experience in other OS projects is that (a) contrib areas rapidly get
> to be larger than then main distribution, making downloads slower, and
> (b) often get out of sync with the main distribution.  The result is
> that a mix of core code and contributions of varying levels of
> quality, completedness, and maintainedness tends to lower the perceived
> level of quality of the distribution.
> So +1 for a /contrib area, -1 for making it part of the main CVS repo
> and distribution.
>> 2) Create a scratchpad area in the Lucene CVS
>> (org.apache.lucene.scratchpad). This area would be focused on creating new
>> parts of the Lucene core in an experimental mode. This code would be
>> considered unstable and unsupported. If a part becomes stable and is desired
>> to be moved into the Lucene core build, it must be approved through a
>> committers vote (+3 votes).
> Again, -1 if this is part of the main CVS repo, +1 on the concept.
>> 3) Adopt a more formal release plan.
>>     a)Beta means feature freeze
>>     b)Release candidate means code freeze (unless bugs)
>> To move into a beta or release candidate stage, you must a vote by the
>> committers (+3 votes).
> +1
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