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From Peter Carlson <>
Subject Re: Development issues / processes
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2002 15:24:42 GMT

Thanks for detailing your reasons.
The very small repository issue seems mitigated since someone would only
have to download the core subdirectory. Also, I think that well named
directories like contrib/ and scratchpad/ would not be too confusing to most
developers, although I think creating some documentation around this would
be a good idea.

I do like the idea of potentially have more developers able to contribute to
the scratchpad and contrib area.

I will ask for a new Repo for this area under the name

If there is trouble getting this repository, do you think the sub directory
approach is an alternative? If not, do you have any other suggestions.



On 3/26/02 10:24 PM, "Brian Goetz" <> wrote:

> the repo via the CVSweb interface for the first time might be
> confused.  Keeping a VERY SMALL number of files, directories only, at
> the top level would help mitigate this.
> There's another very significant advantage to a separate repo for
> contrib -- we can grant commit on that much more lightly than on the
> core.  This increases the chance that contributions in contrib/ will
> be maintained by their contributor, if (s)he can commit them.
> I still prefer the idea of putting the scratchpad in commons.

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