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From "Lex Lawrence" <>
Subject Re: Normalization
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 14:52:21 GMT
Touché.  As for the "indexreader.getAnalyzer()" method, I too like that 

>From: Brian Goetz <>
>Reply-To: "Lucene Developers List" <>
>To: Lucene Developers List <>
>Subject: Re: Normalization
>Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 14:31:05 -0800
> > Ok, I raise to four EUR cents :-)
>Which makes me wonder -- does Yoorup really need a one cent AND a two
>cent coin?  They had a once-in-a-century chance to reboot their
>monetary system, and they came up with eight coin denominations (no
>cash register has eight compartments) include a one cent and a two
>cent, at least one of which, or maybe both, are unneeded.
> >> So... might there be a compromise?  Is there a way of indicating the 
> > of
> >> Analyzer used to create an index and requiring that a compatible 
> > be
> >> used for searches without requiring the exact same Analyzer?
> >
> >  Well, seems to me that having the analyzer serialized and stored in the
> > index is a nice solution: being stored with the index, the natural way 
> > get the analyzer of an index would be to call an 
> > method.
>I've always liked this idea, in fact I wondered why it wasn't done
>this way the first time I saw it.  Doug, what do you think of storing
>the analyzer with the index, and letting things like the query parser
>default to using the stored analyzer, so that people will be less
>likely to shoot their feet by using the wrong analyzer?
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