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From Halácsy Péter <>
Subject QueryParser for default AND
Date Sat, 06 Apr 2002 18:40:16 GMT
19 Febr. Doug wrote:

>> How could I modify the queryParser to implement
>> default AND logic?

>I haven't tested this, but it should be as simple as changing line 318 of
>QueryParser.jj to:
>  int ret = MOD_REQ;

>Unfortunately, I think this would end up disabling OR, so the proper change
>is more complex, requiring some changes to the addClause() method.  This
>should also be something that folks can turn on and off.


I attached a modified QueryParser.jj. Finally I modified addClause(). I also
attached a tester class.

QueryParser qp = new QueryParser(defaultField, analyzer);

Please try & test it.

Some results:
Query: a b c d
classic mode: a b c d
    new mode: +a +b +c +d

Query: a AND NOT b
classic mode: +a -b
    new mode: +a -b

Query: a OR b
classic mode: a b
    new mode: a b

Query: a b c -d
classic mode: a b c -d
    new mode: +a +b +c -d

Query: Capital of Hungary
classic mode: capital of hungary
    new mode: +capital +of +hungary


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