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From Lee Mallabone <>
Subject Re: HighLighting Service
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2002 15:39:15 GMT
On Wed, 2002-04-10 at 15:50, none none wrote:

> how i can add the entire content of the page inside the index?
> I know i have to change the  .jj file but i don't know how do that.

I don't speak JavaCC very well so can't really help there. I found
JavaCC ended up hindering rather than helping me, but that could just be
my parser ignorance.

> Do this option slow down the query? if so i'll just load from a cache.

I don't know if storing fields as well as indexing them slows down a
query. I wouldn't have thought it slows the query down very much at all,
but someone who's worked on Lucene's internals more would be much better
qualified to answer that.

> i think i'll use the Jakarta ORO, if you can send to me an example i'll > appreciate,
i'll never used the Jakarta ORO or gnu.regexp.

gnu.regexp is very simple to use - its site seems to be down from here
at the moment though.


Lee Mallabone.

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