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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: Lucene Sandbox now official
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2002 18:02:11 GMT

Otis Gospodnetic wrote:

>>Does everyone agree on that we should following this structure and
>>naming convention?
>Not all contributions may include source.
>I imagine some contributions will come as an archive of .class files,
>How about: about-[contribution].xml, it's a little easier to read.
>Not all contributions will have sources, so some may not need this.
>How about README.txt, it's more common.
>>Where [contribution] is the name of the contribution
>>[project] is the name of the subproject in the sandbox area.
>>The contribution/build directory contains a build.xml which run all
>>contributions build scripts.
>>jakarta-lucene-sandbox/contributions/docs/... Would contain all
>>created html
>>files from the each contributions xdocs/about[contribution].xml
>>I'll create the base files when we get buy off.
>>The distinction between a contribution and a project is a little
>>fuzzy, but
>>projects would be for functionality outside the scope of Lucene's
>>API, where contributions would be able to be integrated into the
>>current API
>>(i.e. Analyzers, queryParsers, ...).
>I may be misunderstanding this.
>I'd imagine contributions to be code (source or binaries or...) that
>various people provide, which we then either provide as is, or use bits
>and pieces of to refactor in specific projects.
>These projects then eventually become a part of Lucene (not core, but
>The crawler+indexer may be one such project, and it may get its pieces
>from various people's contributions.
>>Please provide feedback so we can finalize this.
>>Thanks for everyone's input and patience.
>>Thanks to Brian for recommending the new CVS. I think it will be
>>great to
>>get some more Lucene contributors more directly involved if they are
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