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From Jon Scott Stevens <>
Subject Re: RC5 Release
Date Tue, 14 May 2002 20:05:07 GMT
on 5/14/02 10:48 AM, "Erik Hatcher" <> wrote:

> Just out of curiosity, why aren't you branching in CVS so that you don't
> have to freeze development (not that there are a lot of commits, but...).
> I'm no CVS management expert, but on the ant-dev team we branched Ant 1.5
> and bug fixes get committed to that branch, and development continues on
> HEAD.  We will at some point merge the bug fixes back into the HEAD line.
>   Erik

You should not branch CVS on a RC release.

You tag on a RC and you branch on a final release if you think that you are
going to continue on that branch while adding new functionality to HEAD.

What I suggest is that you first tag the release and then decide later if
you want to branch based on the development styles (you can go back and make
a branch from a tag).

Ant tends to have more random/unstable development than Lucene which makes
it more of a candidate for branching.

All in all, branches with CVS are a pain in the ass. Try to avoid them.
(who works with Karl Fogel)

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