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From Peter Carlson <>
Subject Bug? QueryParser may not correctly interpret RangeQuery text
Date Sat, 01 Jun 2002 22:40:10 GMT
I am trying to get date range searching use the range query (maybe a bad
choice vs. DateFilter, but I wanted to be able to use it from the query

So I type in a string like

When I run this through the QueryParser it return only 1 term. That is the
query gets converted to:


This is because the StandardTokenizer sees <alphanum> <p> <has_digit> as
single token.

Note: <p> can be .,-,_,, and a few other things.

What do people think the right way to handle this issue for the range
queries? My suggestion is to do a indexOf() for "-" and create the one or
two tokens. That is, don't use the analyzer to determine what the tokens are
here. Is there a problem with this?


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