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From Peter Carlson <>
Subject Re: Bug? QueryParser may not correctly interpret RangeQuery text
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2002 16:21:21 GMT

This sounds great. I'll have a look at it and hopefully have some time to
help finish it up. Although I am a bit behind on a few Lucene project


On 6/24/02 5:09 PM, "Brian Goetz" <> wrote:

>> Just curious what the status of this issue is, as the discussion seems
>> to have stopped.
> I checked in a first cut at this facility:
> - Field.Keyword(String, Date) "constructor", which uses DateField format;
> - Extensions to query parser as discussed earlier;
> - test cases.
> More work needs to be done on the date parsing code, but its pretty
> much separated from the query parsing now.  Right now, we accept dates
> of the form "nn/nn/nn", as supported by
> DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.SHORT).  I think we want to be
> more flexible about this, and also support date-times as well (the new
> parser stuff includes support for quoted strings inside range expressions,
> so we can include things with spaces that way.)
> Also, we talked about adding numeric ranges too.  First we'd need a
> NumberField class and "constructor", similar to DateField, and then
> we'd want to use NumberFormat to see if the elements in the range query
> are of the right format.
> I'd like to hand off the specifics of date format parsing to someone
> else, since I'm pretty pressed for time; I've done the part that
> involves the parser, which is the high-risk part.
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