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From Stefan Bergstrand <>
Subject Locking problems
Date Tue, 11 Jun 2002 14:39:37 GMT

When I recently mentioned that it would be nice to be able to search
without locking the index, I got the answer "It's on the TODO-list".

I'm glad that it has a good chance to be fixed, but to us it has become
a really big problem.

This is our case:

The indexes are stored on a disk that is NFS-mounted to a number of
load-balanced hosts, on which the searching is performed. The locking
mechanism prevents us not only from mounting the disk read-only, which
would have been very nice, but also from searching the same index
concurrently. Thus, we get performance as if we had just one
host. Which would be single-thread, too. 

So, I would like to know:

* Does anyone know when the fix could made?

* Is there a plan on how to fix it? (If there is, it would be better
  if I fixed it that way instead of figuring out a kludge of my own.)

/Stefan B 

Stefan Bergstrand
Polopoly - Cultivating the information garden
Kungsgatan 88, SE-112 27 Stockholm, SWEDEN
Ph:   +46 8 506 782 67
Cell: +46 704 47 82 67,

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