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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-lucene build.xml
Date Thu, 19 Sep 2002 16:59:06 GMT wrote:
>   - Changed javadocs target to show package/protected/public classes and
>     members.

I strongly disagree with this change.  The javadoc should not document 
internals, but only the intended external API.  Package private methods 
are not intended to be called by application code.

>   - Reindented.

I have two objections to this.

First, unless indenting is way out of whack, I don't think we should 
re-indent files.  Indenting is not always black-and-white, but a matter 
of style on which reasonable people differ.  For example, for me, not 
exceeding 80 columns unless absolutely necessary is a high priority, 
since I edit in 80 column wide Emacs windows.  For you, this is 
apparently less of a priority, as the new file has twice the number of 
lines that are over 80 columns wide.  I also prefer the xml indenting 
style used before, where, if "<longtagname arg=value>" is broken between 
"longtagname" and "arg", then "arg" is aligned with the "o" in 
"longtagname", or perhaps the "g", but not past the end as you did it.

Second, if reindenting is done at all, it should be done in a separate 
checkin, so that changes of substance are easy to find.


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