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From "Clemens Marschner" <>
Subject [LARM] next steps
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2003 23:48:45 GMT

Great, so how should we go on?

I suggest we wait for you, David, so that you can make the code a little
more stable and change the things you mentioned. You said something about
two weeks (?)
I would say we should then be at a point where we could get rid of
de.lanlab.* packages and move the rest to something like org.apache.larm and
then put it into the sandbox.
We should also check if performance is a problem, especially with those
factory methods.
Within this time we should also review the docs and adapt the LARM-speak
(MessageHandler? MessageListener? MessageProcessor? Stage? Storage?)

After this time I would like to concentrate on two things:

The next thing I would like to do is to break up FetcherTask into at least
two pieces (move parsing out) and change Messages such that they contain
lists of URLs. This means StoragePipeline becomes a ProcessingPipeline.

The other big issue I would like to take care of is the
URLVisitedFilter/URLVisitedManager/URLSeenFilter. Its RAM usage must be
optimized. I already have some ideas for that.

That's only my part; I know that Otis, Kelvin and Peter wanted to work on
other parts. May I suggest we all become familiar with David's work and read
our docs once again?

Btw, I also learned a lot from your code, David.



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