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From Jeff Linwood <>
Subject Re: Creating a complete Lucene distribution
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2003 05:53:50 GMT
Moved to Dev....

Sounds like a decent idea to me.  I can get to work on making web pages 
for some of these projects, but how many of them are still actively 


Otis Gospodnetic wrote:

>Hello Jeff,
>Thanks for offering your help.
>My take on this is that those who are new to Lucene need to get
>acquainted with the core Lucene first before they start needing things
>like stemmers for different languages, a web crawler, etc.
>Then as long as we make it easy for people to read and learn about each
>Sandbox project and make it easy for them to download their JARs, we
>will make it simple for them to start using those projects.
>Currently only Indyo and LARM projects include overview/tutorial-like
>documentation, but they do not provide pre-built JARs - the only way to
>get them is from CVS directly, which is a bit more of a pain.
>Snowball stemmers don't have any docs (do they even need them?), but
>the project includes a link to the JAR, which makes it easy for a
>developer to include it in their projects.
>SearchBean is buried completely, and so are all other Sandbox
>contributions and projects (circa 10 of them).
>If you want to help I think it would be nice to expose some of those
>contributions/projects the same way LARM, Indyo, and Snowball Stemmers
>I'm not sure if you feel like doing that, as it's not the most exciting
>work :)
>This thread may be more suitable for lucene-dev - lucene-user
>subscribers probably don't care about this type of decisions much.
>--- Jeff Linwood <> wrote:
>>Is there any interest in creating an additional distribution for
>>Lucene that
>>contains some of the code from the sandbox and the contributions?  I
>>thinking about bringing in the SearchBean, LARM, the optional
>>etc. I know there has been  some discussion on this list of what
>>should and
>>shouldn't be in the core distribution, but I would like to have the
>>to download a complete distribution.  I think this will make it much
>>to get started developing with Lucene.
>>I guess the first step would be to see if other people on this list
>>would be
>>interested in this project at all, and then the next step would be to
>>out what could go into an application framework build (licensing,
>>library issues, etc.), and to work on an Ant build file that calls
>>individual component files.
>>I definitely don't want to replace the existing source and binary
>>distributions of Lucene - this would be a larger, more bulky download
>>most people.
>>Anyway, shoot it down if you like :)

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