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From Lukas Zapletal <>
Subject Problem with wildchars (bug?)
Date Fri, 31 Jan 2003 20:07:52 GMT
Hello all,

I have a small problem. Let`s have a word 'Microsoft' indexed in Lucene. 
When I query Microsoft, it returns the document, but when I try Micro* 
then nothing is found. After lowercasing the first letter to micro* 
Lucene returns the document.

The same thing is with ?. When I use it, only lower-cased words are matched.

Is this a bug or Am I missing something?

ps - where can I find some information how Lucene parse the input when 
using StandardFilter. I mean I don`t know what is ignored and what not. 
For example acronyms (U.S.A), dates (2002-11-07 or 1. 1. 2003) etc... I 
cannot find it in the documentation. In the StandardFilter API there is 
onthing, it seems to be generated from JavaCC.

Lukas Zapletal      []

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